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Hospital Innovations

Sponsor Description:

Since 2008, Hospital Innovations has been supplying a growing range of specialist products for use in orthopaedic and corrective surgery. We are a Human Tissue Authority (HTA) licensed establishment, working in partnership with two of the world’s leading tissue banks. We have changed greatly since our formation; our established orthopaedic, spinal and surgical divisions now sit alongside our newly formed wound and dental businesses. Our products are grouped into five distinct divisions; each has a unique focus, but operates with the aim of offering innovative, safe and effective solutions. You will notice our purposeful use of the letter ‘i’ in naming each of our divisions; this serves to remind our customers that supplying innovative products is what we do best. We invite you to explore our website and get in touch with our head office should you require any further information. Hospital Innovations prides itself on delivery of outstanding customer support, always in the knowledge that our end-user is a person in need.

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